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Jury member for 2014 BAFTAs
Chairperson of Jury for 2016 SAFTAs

Winner of the:
BAFTA Award for Best Production Design 2013
For: “The Girl”

Winner of the:
SAFTA Award for Best Production Design 2012
For: “Black Butterflies”

Nominated for the:
Art Director’s Guild (USA) Award for Best Production Design
in a TV Movie 2012


“Dr Who S12” (2018)
SA Production Designer
Blue Ice Africa | BBC Studio
Director: Jamie Stone

“The Widow”  (2017/2018)
Production Designer
Two Brothers Pictures | Film Afrika |ITV | Amazon
Director: Sam Donovan | Olly Blackburn

More information: The Widow IMDb

“Our Girl 3”  (2017)
Production Designer
BBC Series
Out of Africa | BBC
Directed by: Tim Fywell | Jon Wright

More information: Our Girl 3 IMDb

“The Last Post”  (2017)
Production Designer
BBC series
The Forge | Bonafida Films | Film Afrika
Directed by: Jonny Campbell | Miranda Bowen
More information: The Last Post IMDb

“24Hours to Live” (2016)
Supervising Art Director
Thunder Road Pictures | Fundamental Films | Film Africa
Directed by: Brian Smrz
Production Designer: Colin Gibson
More information:  24Hours to Live IMDb

“Call the Midwife” series 6 (2016)
Supervising Art Director
BBC | Out of Africa Entertainment
More information: Call the Midwife trailer

“The Young Pope” episode 6(2015)
Supervising Art Director
HBO | Wildside | Moonlighting Films
Production Designer: Eugenia Di Napoli
Directed by: Paolo Sorrentino
More information: The Young Pope Trailer |The Young Pope IMDb

“L’Odyssee” (2015)
Supervising Art Director
Lobster Tree | Fidelite France
Production Designer: Laurent Ott
Directed by: Jerome Salle
More information: L’Odyssee Trailer

“Cape Town” series (2015)
Production Designer
All In Production | Out of Africa Entertainment | Media Cinema
Directed by: Peter Ladkani
More information: Cape Town Trailer

“The Last Face” (2014)
Supervising Art Director
River Road Entertainment | Gerber Pictures | Moonlighting Films
Production Designer: Andrew Laws
Directed by: Sean Penn
More information: The Last Face Trailer

“Wonderbroeders” (2014)
Art Director (SA)
Eyeworks / Enigma Pictures
Directed by: Johan Timmers
More information: Wonderbroeders Trailer

“Spinback” (2013) (Production cancelled)
Supervising Art Director
Lionsgate | Moonlighting Films
Directed by: Scott Speer

“Sophia Grace and Rosie’s Royal Adventure” (2013)
Production Designer
Warner Brothers | A Very Good Production | Film Afrika
Directed by: Brian Levant
More information: Sophia Grace and Rosie’s Royal Adventure Trailer

“The Price of Sugar” (2013)
Production Designer
Spier Films | Comet Film | Broadbean Media
Directed by: Jean van de Velde
More information: The Price of Sugar Trailer

“Agatha Christie’s A Caribbean Mystery” (2012)
Art Director
ITV | Mammoth Screen | Film Afrika
Directed by: Charlie Palmer
More information: A Caribbean Mystery Trailer

“Mary and Martha” (2012)
Art Director
HBO | Working Title | Moonlighting Films
Directed by: Philip Noyce
More information: IMDB Page – Mary & Martha| Mary & Martha Trailer

“Black South Easter” (2012)
Production Designer
TenTen Films | Tendeka Matatu
Directed by: Cary McKenzie
More information: IMDB Page – Black South Easter

“Whale Caller” Pilot (2012)
Production Designer | Costume Designer
David Heitner | Blackroots Film
Directed by: Zola Maseko

“The Girl” (2012)
Production Designer
HBO | Wall to Wall | BBC Moonlighting Films
Directed by: Julian Jarrold
More information: InsideTV Article  |  Collider.com Article  |  IMDB Page – The Girl
The Girl Trailer

“De Heineken Ontvoering” (2011)
Art Director
IDTV Film | Broadbean Media | Comet Film
Directed by: Maarten Treurniet
More information:  De Heineken Ontvoering Trailer

“Black Butterflies” (2010)
Production Designer
IDTV Film | Broadbean Media | Comet Film
Directed by: Paula van der Oest
More information: AZ Movies Page | Variety.com Review  | Black Butterflies Trailer

“Domino Effect” (2010)
Art Director (SA Only)
Film Afrika
Directed by: Paula van der Oest
More information:  IMDB Page – Domino Effect

“Kongo” (2009)
Art Director
Team Worx | ZDF
Directed by: Peter Keglevic
More information:  IMDB Page – Kongo

Museum of Science – Jeddah (2009)
Set Designer | Costume Supervisor
Transmedia | MTE Studios
Directed by: John Bowey

“Glamour and Gloria” (2009)
Art Director
Bavaria Films | Two Oceans
Directed by: Dieter Wedel
More information:  IMDB Page – Dieter Wedel

“Turbo King” (2008) (Live TV show)
Costume Designer | Art Director
Ogilvy Mather | Pygma
Directed by: Makela Pululu

“30 Tage Angst” (2008)
Production Designer
UFA Int. Film | Two Oceans
Directed by: Thorsten Nater
More information:  IMDB Page – 30 Tage Angst

“Wit Licht / The Silent Army” (2008)
Art Director
The Entertainment Company | Honoris Causa | One Step Beyond
Directed by: Jean van der Velde
More information:  IMDB Page – Wit Licht  | Wit Licht Trailer

“Skin” (2007)
Art Director
Moonlighting Films | Elysian Films
Directed by: Anthony Fabian
More information:  Skin Website  |  Skin Trailer

“More than just a Game” (2007)
Production Designer
Video Vision
Directed by: Junaid Ahmed
More information:  IMDB Page – More than just a Game  |  More than just a Game Trailer

“Sinking of the Lusitania” (2007)
Art Director
Darlow Smithson | DO Productions
Directed by: Christopher Spencer
More information:  Sinking of the Lusitania Trailer 1  |  Sinking of the Lusitania Trailer 2

“Jozi – H” (2006)
Art Director
Inner City Films | Marula

“The Three Investigators” (2006)
Art Director
Studio Hamburg | Two Oceans
Directed by: Florian Baxmeyer
More information:  The Three Investigators Trailer

“Krakatoa” (2005)
Art Director
BBC | Struck by Lightning
Directed by: Sam Miller
More information:  Krakatoa Trailer 1 | Krakatoa Trailer 2

“Mama Jack” (2005)
Production Designer
Directed by: Gray Hofmeyer
More information:  Mama Jack Trailer

“Zone 14” (2004)
Production Designer
Bomb Shelter
Directed by: Various

“Dollars & White Pipes” (2004)
Production Designer
Directed by: Donovan Marsh
More information:  Dollars & White Pipes Trailer

“Tsha Tsha 111” (2004)
Art Director
Curious Pictures

“Snitch” (2004)
Lead Decorator
Directed by: Gray Hofmeyer